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Learning and buying the best binoculars for hunting,astronomy,birding and marine.Roof prism binoculars are streamlined and lighter than porro prism models.Compact binocular models, especially those with auto-focus, are ideal for kids.Some binocular models are waterproof, fog-proof, and shock-proof, and feature rugged construction and tough, no-slip rubber shells. These are great in less-than-ideal weather conditions."Field of view" refers to the amount of territory seen by looking through the lenses. It is determined by a combination of magnification and design of the lens and eyepiece. In general, more magnification means a smaller field of view, and an eyepiece with a wider angle will give you a greater field of view.Astronomy binoculars feature very large objective lenses, some even up to 100 millimeters, for maximum light allowance, and magnification powers of 10x to 30x. Like Military Binoculars A power of 7 with a 50mm objective lens is most common for a marine binocular.8x42 and 10x42 Hunting binoculars are common choices, and the most popular sizes for bird watching binoculars are 8x40 and 8x42.